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Waiver Application Instructions

If you have other comparable health insurance and wish to opt out of the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) you will need to complete the online waiver application prior to the waiver deadline each semester. Have your health insurance card available when completing the SHIP online waiver. You will need to watch your BroncoMail for any communications regarding your waiver. Failure to do so could result in enrollment in SHIP.

2014-2015 Waiver FAQ

Step by Step Instructions on How to File a Waiver


To submit a waiver application, sign onto your student account and follow these steps:

  1. Choose “Student Center” under the Finances section.
  2. Click on “Health Waiver App.”
  3. Read the application agreement, then click on “Student Health Insurance Waiver Application.” You will see a notice that says you will be redirected to the Ascension website. Do not close your browser and make sure your pop-up settings are turned off.
  4. On the Ascension site, enter your date of birth (DOB), your last name, and your student ID number, then click “Submit Login.” (if you cannot log in contact the Health Insurance and Billing Office at (208) 426-2158)
  5. Please read the text on the screen, then click “I Agree” if you agree to the terms and conditions.
  6. The next screen will ask for information from your insurance card. Please have your insurance ID card handy and enter the information exactly as it appears on your card. See below for definitions of terms.
  7. If you search for your insurance company name and it does not appear on the list please click the “Not Listed” button on the bottom of the screen. Then you will need to type your insurance company’s name in the box.
  8. Click “Submit Waiver Petition.” After you click submit, you will see a “Thank you for submitting your waiver application…” message. If you do not see this message your waiver was not submitted and you will need to submit your waiver again.

If you are resubmitting a waiver, (you have submitted a waiver that was approved in a previous term) make sure all of the carried over information is correct before you click submit.

There are 6 different Health Insurance Waiver status possibilities:

  1. Not Submitted: Form has not been submitted.
  2. Initiated: Form has been initiated but not submitted. You will need to resubmit your waiver application.
  3. Pending: Form submitted, is being reviewed or additional information is being requested.
  4. Denied: Waiver not approved.
  5. Approved: Waiver approved and will be placed on the student account, when/if the health insurance charge is assessed.
  6. Canceled: Waiver canceled due to student request.

To view the status of your Health Insurance Waiver, go to the Health Waiver App link in the my.BoiseState Student Center.


You will need a copy of your health insurance card.

Please be sure that your name on my.BoiseState and your name on your insurance card match. If they do not your waiver may be denied. If this happens please contact Ascension at (800) 537-1777 or the Health Insurance and Billing Office at or (208) 426-2158.


Insurance Company Name: This is the name of the insurance carrier. Please select from the drop-down box. If your insurance carrier is not listed, please select “Not listed” and enter the full name of the company.

Relationship: This is the student’s relationship to the primary insured. Please choose Self, Spouse (if your spouse is the primary insured), Child (if your parent is the primary insured) or Other Adult (if the primary insured is not yourself or your spouse or parent).

International Student: Select “Yes” if you are an international student attending classes at Boise State on a student visa. Otherwise, select “No” if you are not an international student.

Insurance Phone: This is the customer service or provider phone number, usually found on your insurance ID card or the insurance company website.

Insured First Name: This is the first name of the individual who is the primary insured on the plan. If you are insured through your parents, it’s either your mother or your father, depending on whose plan it is. If you are insured through your own employer, it’s your name. If you are covered under your spouse’s insurance plan, it’s your spouse’s name. It may also be listed as Subscriber, Member or Enrollee on the insurance card.

Insured Middle Name (optional): This is the middle name of the individual who is the primary insured on the plan.

Insured Last Name: This is the last name of the individual who is the primary insured on the plan.

Insured DOB: This is date of birth of the individual who is the primary insured on the plan (NOT the student’s date of birth, unless the student is the primary insured).

Policy/Group Number: This is a number found on the insurance ID card of your current health plan. It is different from the member number. It will be listed as Policy or Group Number, and may contain an alpha prefix. Type it in exactly as it appears on the card.

Member /Subscriber ID: This is a number found on the insurance ID card of your current health plan. It is different from the policy or group number. It is sometimes the Social Security Number of the policyholder. Type it in exactly as it appears on the card.

Most of this information can be found on your insurance ID card. Other information can generally be found on the insurance company’s website or you can contact the customer service department at the number on the back of your card. If you are covered under an employer plan, the employee can contact their employer’s Human Resources department or benefits department.

Please make sure the information you provide on your waiver application is accurate. Incorrect or incomplete information may cause your waiver application to be denied. Information provided on waiver applications will be verified by the plan administrator, Ascension Benefits & Insurance Solutions.


You may contact Ascension at 1-800-537-1777 or for any waiver or waiver processing questions. You may contact the Health Insurance and Billing Office in the Norco Building at (208) 426-2158,, or in person at 1529 Belmont Street, Room 111, Boise, ID 83706 for any questions you may have or assistance in the filing of your waiver.

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