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10 Services You Should Know About

10 Services You Should Know About

Health Services is here to help you stay healthy so you can focus on your success here at Boise State! Many students don’t know the variety of services that we offer and, we wanted to let everyone know 10 services we provide.

1. Massage

This is one of the most relaxing services we provide! These are targeted massages that your provider can recommend for you to relieve problem areas. There are many medical conditions that qualify for a massage such as back pain, neck pain, leg pain, chronic headaches, sports injuries, reduced range of motion, and chronic pain. With the provider recommendation there is a chance that your insurance will cover it so be sure to check with your carrier. If your provider does not find it necessary you can still use the service for $45.

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2. Oasis Room

Ever feel like you just need a vacation from school? Since plane tickets aren’t cheap come use our Oasis Room FREE of cost. It’s fully equipped with relaxation audios, a light box to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), an automated massage chair, and a computerized biofeedback. It’s not the same as a vacation but it teaches you how to intentionally manage your physiological response to stress. That has better lasting effects than any vacation.

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3. Health Coaching

Sometimes getting your life together is hard and there is no YouTube tutorial video for it. Our health coaches are better than any tutorial video you could watch. They help you create a personalized approach to behavior change. Through goal setting they can change your nutrition, sleep, stress, time management, physical activity, or weight management.

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4. Sports Medicine

Even if you aren’t a football player you can still get medical attention for sport related injuries. Weather you injure yourself playing at the rec or falling off your longboard on the way to class you have access to our Sports Medicine doctors. They have multiple resources to help you recover as quickly as possible. They can diagnose and manage injuries and illnesses and provide primary care for the college intramural or recreational athletes.

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5. Online Screenings

Sometimes a self-diagnosis with WebMD can get out of hand. For those that are unsure or don’t have the time to initially come in for help; we have online screenings. It is completely free and screens for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, alcohol related issues, and eating disorders. This is not an official diagnosis but helps determine if you should come in for a professional consultation.

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6. Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling is chance to talk openly in a safe space with a licensed professional who can offer an objective perspective into your life. Individuals come to counseling for a variety of reasons that commonly include: managing mental health symptoms, identifying life goals, improving relationship skills, and support through difficult or transitory periods in life. Mental health counselors offer support as well as tools to work toward the goals you have identified.

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7. Group Counseling

In addition to individual counseling we also provide group counseling. This type of counseling is designed to allow you to learn about yourself and your relationships with others. The groups that we have done are process, support, trauma sensitive yoga, and relapse prevention. You don’t have to tell your deepest darkest secret, you won’t be humiliated or attacked, and even if you don’t talk you can still benefit.

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8. Basics

This is a non-confrontational, non-labeling, and non-judgmental program designed to help students explore their own risk for future problems with drug and alcohol use. It then helps students establish potential changes to help them reduce their risk for developing future problems. It’s only two one-on-one sessions with one of our health educators. In order to schedule an appointment you must come into Health Services (second floor of Norco Building) and ask to schedule a BASICS.

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9. Dietitian

Knowing how to eat healthy is hard because it is slightly different for each person. There are also many diets and guidelines out there it is hard to know what is good for you personally. Our campus dietitian works with you and your lifestyle to figure out foods you should be eating. This means you will look at the impact on your overall health, and indicators such as A1C, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Our dietician can also help you understand how your eating habits can help your mood, energy, and focus. We bill most insurance but if your insurance does not cover the service it only costs $50 per session.

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10. Traveler’s Health Assessment

College is the perfect time to travel! Whether you’re studying abroad or taking a spring break trip we can help you stay healthy. Our Traveler’s Health Assessment prepares you for medical assistance you may need abroad. The assessment provides you with a review of your medical history, advice on how to manage physical or mental health issues abroad, review and update of routine vaccines, special vaccines for certain countries, prescriptions for anti-malarial medications, assistance with obtaining extended quantities of personal medication, and completion of any required paperwork related to the trip. Our assessment is easy to access and affordable.

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