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Oasis Room

Health Services Oasis Room

The Oasis Room

The Oasis Room provides students, faculty, and staff with a rejuvenating, healing environment complete with state-of-the-art resources designed to develop stress reduction and management skills. This relaxing space will promote a state of physical relaxation, emotional calm, and clarity of thought, enhancing students’ academic performance and quality of life.


The Oasis Room is a relaxation space that allows utilizers to learn and practice the skills necessary to intentionally manage their physiological response to stress. The ability to do so effectively is associated with the following:

  • Optimal intellectual and physical performance.
  • Reduced risk of psychological and physical impairments.
  • A research based treatment for anxiety/depression disorders, and chronic pain conditions.
  • Improved interpersonal relationships.
  • A subjective sense of happiness/well-being.

The technology selected for the Relaxation Room is based on empirical support of its effectiveness and includes:

  • Computerized biofeedback
  • Relaxation audios
  • Light box to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Automated massage chair


Research supports the effectiveness of relaxation approaches to control physiological response in our growing awareness of the mind-body connection. By providing students, faculty, and staff with this resource, Health Services is on the cutting-edge of best practices for stress management, and demonstrations our commitment to preventative versus solely remedial programming to enhance wellness and success.

The Oasis Room provides a cost-effective adjunct to some counseling and medical services. Empirically supported therapies for a variety of psychological disorders, including anxiety/panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, major depressive disorder and chronic pain conditions, emphasize the role of training in techniques to control physiological response to stress.