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Welcome to Boise State University Smoke-Free Campus website.

For the health of our community, Boise State University is smoke-free. The smoke-free policy covers all university-owned or controlled buildings, property, vehicles and parking lots, the Friendship Bridge and Greenbelt section adjacent to campus.

The Surgeon General of the United States has determined that tobacco smoking is the nation’s leading preventable cause of premature death and disability. Tobacco smoke is hazardous to the health of smokers and non-smokers alike. To promote a safe and healthful work environment, Boise State has adopted this policy to encourage smokers to reduce or eliminate their consumption of tobacco, and to protect non-smokers from exposure to tobacco smoke.¬†Tobacco is the only product that when used properly, as intended, leads to serious illness and premature death.

We also know:

  1. Mental health disorders have been strongly associated with smoking, especially among adolescents and young adults.
  2. College students who smoke are more likely to participate in the risky behaviors (high-risk drinking, illicit drug use, high-risk sexual behavior) that pose some of the greatest health threats to 18-24 year olds.
  3. Smokers have lower grade point averages (GPA) than nonsmokers. The Harvard College Alcohol Study found that smokers are 27.0% less likely than nonsmokers to have an above B grade average (Rigotti, 2000).  Daily smokers were found to have even lower GPAs than high-risk drinkers.

Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium